Internship Opportunities


Lillstreet Art Center offers a variety of internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students of Art, Art History, Arts Management or some equivalent. 

Our internships are custom designed for each intern, taking into account each applicants unique skillset, personality, desire to learn, and our current institutional needs. 



Applicants should be highly motivated individuals who have acquired basic training in the arts, can work independently as well as part of a team, and are interested in exploring their field of study further. Interns will work directly with department directors to identify goals and projects to complete during their internship. 

Interns have the opportunity not only to assist in workshops, events and special projects, but also to work with and meet artists and gifted instructors in a supportive community. Opportunities are available within our artistic departments and administrative team:  





Internships offered year-round, with the majority of internships offered in conjunction with summer session. Students must complete 120 hours to fulfill their internship. 

Hours are generally flexible and may vary across departments. The intern may be expected to accommodate weekend/evening workshops, community events and/or classes that may take place during an internship period. 



All internships are unpaid; compensation may include access to open studio, access to facilities/equipment and eligibility for two 10-week classes in any department (at the completion of the 120 hours). Alternatively, some interns may qualify for college credit at partnering institutions and programs.   



Download our application, fill it out (DO NOT fill out online), and send it along with a cover letter and resume to

Include in your cover letter projects, ideas or concepts you would like to work on as an intern. Ideally, these projects will enhance your current studies. 

These are competitive spots, so please understand that an application is not a guarantee of acceptance.