Former Artists-in-Residence

2016-2017 Residents                                                                                                          

Ceramics: Nolan Baumgartner

Ceramics: Charity White

Digital Arts & Photography: Jeanne Donnegan

Metals: Aurelie Guillaume

Metals: Peter Antor

Printmaking: Tabor Shiles

Textiles: Tricia Royal


2015-2016 Residents                                                                                                          

ArtReach: Kat Powers

Ceramics: Nicole Paulina 

Ceramics: Cassie Lawlor

Digital: Nick Tuinstra

Digital: Brittney Connelly

Metals: Agnes Ma

Printmaking: Katie Chung

Textiles: Tabor Shiles


2014-2015 Residents

ArtReach: Marissa Neuman 

Ceramics: Kyle Hendrix

Ceramics: Molly Anne Bishop

Digital: Jessi Meliza

Metals: Jessica Armstrong

Drawing & Painting: Amanda Mulcahy

Textiles: Nora Renick-Rinehart


2013-2014 Residents

Metalsmithing & Jewelry: Meghann Sottile

Textiles: Keeley Marie Stitt

Ceramics: Joe Kraft

Ceramics: Sean Clute


2012-13 Residents

Ceramics: Joanna Pike
Ceramics: Erik Zohn
Kidstreet: Alice Costas
Metalsmithing & Jewelry: Heejin Hwang
Painting & Drawing: Gwendolyn Zabicki
Photography & Digital Media: Garrett Baumer
Textiles: Paige Fetchen 

2011-2012 Residents

Ceramics: Matt Dercole
Kidstreet: Kimberly Pancoast
Metalsmithing & Jewelry: Ashley Gilreath
Painting & Drawing: Elise Glickman
Photography & Digital Media: Carisa Mitchell
Printmaking: Kate McQuillen
Textiles: Young Cho

2010 - 2011 Residents Ashley Gilreath

At Large:  Sontra Stala
Ceramics: Jess Riva Cooper
Glass: Dobrilla Pintar
Kidstreet: Kimberly Marshall Pancoast
Metalsmithing & Jewelry:Ashley Gilreath  and Michelle Sallemi
Painting & Drawing:  Kristina Paabus
Photography & Digital Media: Joe Panizzo
Printmaking:  Ian Weaver
Textiles: Gabriella D'Italia

       I Am Who They Were, 2011   by Ashley Gilreath

2010 Residents
Ceramics: Momoko Usami and Alessandro Gallo
Kidstreet: Alyson Thiel
Metalsmithing & Jewelry: Sontra Stala and Anne Fiala
Printmaking: Paul Andrew Wandless
Textiles: Johana Moscoso

2009 Residents

Ceramics: Momoko Usami
Kidstreet: Quinn Hunter
Metalsmithing & Jewelry: Stacey Lee WebberLydia Thomas and Sontra Stala
Painting & Drawing: Aaron Delehanty and Bonnie King
Textiles: Eric Mercer 

2008 Residents

Metalsmithing & Jewelry: Stacey Lee Webber
Painting & Drawing: Lisa Miceli and Jeriah Hildwine
Textiles: Camille Canales

2007 Residents

Ceramics: Matt Harris
Metalsmithing & Jewelry:  Rebecca Zemans

2006 Residents

Ceramics: Matt Harris

2004 Residents

Ceramics: Omar Vera

2003 Residents

Ceramics: Margaret Park Smith (Dovetail Ceramics)
Ceramics: Eric Mirabito