Cell Phone Cinema Camp- Making Movies with iPhones (1 Day)

Level: Ages 10-16

Price: LAC Members $150.00 / Non-Members $155.00

Class Description


So you’ve always wanted to make a movie to share on Youtube or Facebook. Lucky for you, you probably already own the one thing you’ll need to make your very own movies and videos: your iPhone.  In this workshop, we’ll cover how to shoot video with your iPhone with the in-camera video function as well as a variety of video apps that can do everything from changing the color and look of your video to helping you storyboard your visual ideas before you even start.20K Films’ Director of Photography, Logan M. Futej, will also explain how to get great video using your iPhone including key visual composition and storytelling techniques, and will have a variety of accessories for the iPhone on hand to demonstrate and use including a Steadicam Smoothee, a Pico Dolly, the Owle Bubo wide lens stabilizer, different lenses (wide angle and telephoto) and the Go Pano 360 degree lens.


20K Films’ Editor, Laura Zinger, will take over the second half of the workshop to teach intensive hands-on video editing usingApple’s iMovie software. (This software comes free on any Macintosh computer.) You’ll learn how to upload your footage to your computer, how to create a new project and event in iMovie, and how to perform basic editing techniques. Then, after you’ve gotten the hang of that, Laura will show you how to get fancy with your video, by adding effects, music, titles and even photos! Apple’s iMovie is the most amazing entry level video editing software out there, and Laura makes learning this software easy, accessible and fun.  

Tell your mom to sign you up for this Cell iPhone Cinema workshop today! You can even make her a nice little video card in the workshop to send her for the holidays!  


You must have your own iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to use in the workshop as well. iPhones will not be provided for students.


Logan M. Futej

Photographer/Director, 20K Films





Laura Zinger

Director/Editor, 20K Films

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