Just Jars

Just Jars (3 Weeks)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Price: LAC Members $125.00 / Non-Members $128.00

Lab Fee: $10.00

Class Description

Put a lid on it in this three-week jar intensive. Students will use the wheel to explore techniques for creating lidded vessels and discuss the aesthetics and practicality of an enclosed form. There will also be discussions on how to glaze your jar forms. The $10 material fee includes a full 25 lb bag of clay (rather than a 1/2 bag), glaze, and firing. Each student receives two shelves to store work, clay, and tools. Prerequisite: One year experience in ceramics or instructor approval

10 am-1 pmFriday, December 03, 2021 to Friday, December 17, 2021Lori PiecykRegister Online