Online: Introduction to Gouache

Online: Introduction to Gouache (4 Weeks)

Level: MultiLevel

Price: LAC Members $154.00 / Non-Members $158.00

Class Description

Learn to create with gouache, also referred to as opaque watercolor. Gouache is an extremely versatile and forgiving medium, great for those looking to build on their watercolor skills. We will cover color mixing, brush work, paint application and layering/blending. We’ll also touch on more general principles such as composition, shape and form, light and value. You should have basic skills in painting and drawing.

2-5 pmSunday, November 28, 2021 to Sunday, December 19, 2021Alex BoersmaRegister Online

Student Information


• John Pike Palette (or any plastic/ceramic palette with enough wells for your paints and mixing  areas)

• 3B Pencil

• Small Gum Eraser

• Kneaded Eraser

• Artists’ Tape

• Water container

• Paper towel 


- Some practice watercolor paper (140lb cold press, any brand)

- Arches 300lb Cold Press (1 sheet, 22”x 30”) OR

- Arches 300lb Hot Press (1 sheet, 22”x 30”)


- 1 Synthetic Round, size 12

- Princeton Select Value Brush Set 21 (or equivalent range of brushes)


*I recommend M. Graham Artists’ Gouache or Winsor Newton

- 8ml Burnt Sienna

- 8ml Quinacrodone Rose

- 8ml Ultramarine

- 8ml Cad Red

- 8ml Zinc White

- 8ml Indigo

- 8ml Permanent Yellow Deep

- 8ml Raw Sienna

- 8ml Sap Green

- 8ml Cad Yellow Hue

- 8ml Yellow Ochre

- 8ml Burnt Umber

- 8ml Ivory Black

Optional Items:

• Small ruler

• Graphite Transfer Paper

• Masking Fluid