Color Theory for Painters

Color Theory for Painters (4 Weeks)

Level: Beginner/Advanced Beginner

Price: LAC Members $154.00 / Non-Members $158.00

Class Description

Enhance your understanding of the mechanics and interactions of color, and bring your paintings to life. You will learn strategies for mixing colors, utilizing color schemes, and applying color theory to your paintings. Additional emphasis on value, contrast, color perception, and the illusion of transparency will provide further insight into the importance of color relationships and will teach you how to be more effective in your use of color.

10 am-1 pmSunday, November 28, 2021 to Sunday, December 19, 2021Erik BrownRegister Online

Student Information


  • Student grade acrylic paints

(Blick or Utrecht brands are recommended, 4 oz. containers, or 237 mL tubes) 

◦ Cadmium red medium 

◦ Cadmium yellow medium 

◦ Phthalo blue  

 (best for mixing with yellow/green) 

◦ Ultramarine blue  

 (best for mixing violet-range colors) 

◦ Phthalo green 

◦ Permanent green 

◦ Cadmium orange (recommended) 

◦ Alizarin crimson

◦ Burnt sienna 

◦ Titanium white 

◦ Mars black 

◦ Yellow ochre / yellow oxide 

  • 2-3 paint brushes (inexpensive, synthetic bristles – Blick or Utrecht brand) ◦ Flat size 8 

◦ Round size 6 

◦ Round size 2 

  • Plastic mixing tray or mixing papers
  • 14” x 17” Bristol pad (Strathmore or Blick brand, vellum; 15 sheets) • Container for water


Recommended materials 

  • 18” x 24” Bristol pad (Strathmore or Blick brand, vellum; 15 sheets) • Stretched canvas for final session  
  • Pencil and small sharpener 
  • Small sketchbook