ONLINE: Drawing with Pen and Ink 2: Watercolor and Ink Textures

ONLINE: Drawing with Pen and Ink 2: Watercolor and Ink Textures (4 Weeks)

Level: MultiLevel

Price: LAC Members $150.00 / Non-Members $155.00

Class Description

Learn how to combine and contrast the detail of pen and ink with watercolor\'s vibrancy to create bold, exciting textures. We will begin by experimenting with basic texture techniques such as scraping, spattering, stamping, and blotting. Then we will tackle more advanced textures, such as skies, soil, trees, fur, glass, metal, water, and more. Additional demos of specific textures will be open to student requests. Prerequisite: Drawing in Pen and Ink, or equivalent experience

6-9 pmMonday, June 21, 2021 to Monday, July 12, 2021Alex BoersmaRegister Online

Student Information

Pen and Ink 2 Recommended Supply List:

- Sakura Pigma micron pens, in colors of your choice (Small sizes are best, 003, 005, or 01)

- Speedball Crow Quill Dip Pen Holder # 102

- Speedball Crow Quill Dip Pen Nib, #102 (

- A selection of colored inks of your choosing, india ink or acrylic ink (

- Selection of watercolor brushes

- A few sheets of hot press watercolor paper (I recommend Arches 140lb Hot Press paper, if you buy two 22x30” sheets, you can cut it up into smaller pieces that will be sufficient) (

- Plastic well palette with at least 4 sections (

- Watercolor paints of your choosing

- graphite pencil

- eraser

- Paper towel


Suggested items:

- Salt (table and rock)

- Plastic wrap

- Rubbing alcohol

- Razor or x-acto blade

- Sea sponge

- White gel pen

- Ball point pen

- Toothbrush

- Small spray bottle/mister