Dreams, Myths, and Stories in Clay Sculpture (10 Weeks)

Level: Beginner/Advanced Beginner

Price: LAC Members $330.00 / Non-Members $340.00

Class Description

Bring your stories, dreams, and myths to life with hand-built clay forms. An optional, open-ended prompt is given at the start of each class to help generate ideas. Classes include the exchange of stories and ideas as well as guidance on forming, texturing, and finishing your work. In the final session, we will view and discuss each other's work in terms of dreams, myths, or stories expressed. Each student receives one shelf to store work, clay, and tools. Prerequisite: Two session of handbuilding classes
6:30-9:30 pmMonday, April 05, 2021 to Monday, June 07, 2021Corinne PetersonRegister Online