ONLINE: Botanical Watercolors

ONLINE: Botanical Watercolors (10 Weeks)

Level: MultiLevel

Price: LAC Members $370.00 / Non-Members $375.00

Class Description

Explore using watercolor to render botanical subjects with fellow plant lovers. Increase your botanical knowledge, gain valuable observation of and appreciation for plants, and attain the skills needed to render plants beautifully, realistically and scientifically. Prerequisite: Introduction to Watercolor or equivalent experience.

10 am-1 pmSunday, April 11, 2021 to Sunday, June 13, 2021Alex BoersmaRegister Online

Student Information

Recommended Supply List:


  • Tracing paper
  • Graphite pencils (HB and 4B)
  • 2 erasers: 1 large kneaded eraser, 1 white vinyl (Magic Rub)
  • Pencil sharpener (with reservoir for catching shavings)
  • Plastic or ceramic palette—any type, but must have enough wells for all your paints and enough extra for mixing colors (I like this plastic palette because it's also portable for field sketching
  • Paper Towels
  • Paper:
    - Arches 140 lb Hot or Cold Press watercolor paper (the equivalent of one 22"x30" sheet)

- Some inexpensive cold press watercolor paper, any brand (for practice and color swatches)

- Sketchbook drawing paper (for notes, sketches, etc.)


  • Brushes: An assortment of synthetic watercolor brushes, (an equivalent range to the Princeton Select Value Brush Set 21

  • Paints: 5ml tubes in the following colors (I recommend Winsor & Newton) (*Note: if you already have watercolor paints, just use what you have and you can purchase more colors if you need)

- Cadmium Yellow

- Yellow Ochre

- Cadmium Red Medium

- Alizarin Crimson

- Quinacrodone Rose

- Ultramarine Blue

- Burnt Sienna

- Burnt Umber

- Raw Sienna

- Raw Umber

- Cobalt Blue

- Viridian

- Sap Green



  • Pigma micron pens (005, 01, 03, etc.)
  • Small ruler
  • Saral graphite transfer paper (1 sheet)
  • Hand lens/magnifier (for looking at plant details/dissections)
  • Small stick eraser


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