Online: Beginning Acrylic Painting (10 Weeks)

Level: Beginner/Advanced Beginner

Price: LAC Members $325.00 / Non-Members $330.00

Class Description

Learn how to begin, develop, and finish paintings. You will discover the basic techniques for brushwork, mixing colors, and depicting light and shadow with value. You will learn how to create space in your work, develop compelling compositions, and utilize color theory to strengthen your painting practice. Subjects will range from the traditional still life to the abstract. You will develop skills and pursue an imaginative and personal approach.
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Student Information

Blick U- Link:


Student grade acrylic paints 

(Blick or Utrecht brands are recommended, 4 oz. containers, or 237 mL tubes)


  • Required Colors:
    • Cadmium red medium 
    • Alizarin crimson 
    • Cadmium yellow medium 
    • Cadmium Yellow Light
    • Phthalo blue (best for mixing with yellow/green) 
    • Ultramarine blue (best for mixing violet-range colors) 
    • Burnt Umber 
    • Titanium white 
    • Mars black 


  • Recommended Colors:
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Yellow ochre / yellow oxide 
    • Cadmium orange (recommended) 
    • Phthalo green 
    • Permanent green

  • 2-3 paint brushes (inexpensive, synthetic bristles – Blick or Utrecht brand) 
    • Flat size 8 
    • Round size 6 
    • Round size 2 
  • Plastic mixing tray or disposable palette paper pad
  • Palette knife for mixing paints (trowel style where the knife is lower than the handle)
  • Container for water
  • 4 oz container of gloss medium
  • Paper towels/ rags
  • Small sealable containers for storing paints


  • A selection of surfaces to paint on: 14” x 18’, 16” x 20”, 18” X 24”” 
    • stretched canvases (available individually or in packs)
    • canvas boards
    • canvas paper pad
    • wooden panels


This interactive online class is presented via Zoom. Please download Zoom (, and register your email address prior to your first class.

You will be emailed Zoom meeting instructions, including a unique URL and meeting code to join the class at least 1 day before the start of the class. If you do not receive an email from your instructor or registered within 24 hours of the first scheduled class, please contact the front desk ASAP.

Class cancellations can happen if enrollment minimums are not met 2 days prior to the first class. If your class is canceled, you will be contacted via phone or email.

If your class comes with a required or optional kit:  All kits will be available for contactless pick-up the weekend prior to the session's start date. Please call before picking up to confirm that the kit is ready.