ONLINE: Metalsmithing from Home: Cold Connections

ONLINE: Metalsmithing from Home: Cold Connections (5 Weeks)

Level: MultiLevel

Price: LAC Members $145.00 / Non-Members $150.00

Class Description

One of the unique challenges of jewelry making at home is that a torch or kiln is usually out of the question. This challenge also presents a chance to explore the endless methods of joining elements together without heat. We will work through guided projects highlighting cold connections, from rivets, slots, and tabs to tapped and threaded screw connections. Metalsmithing from Home: Cold Connections is a perfect follow up class to Metalsmithing from Home: The Basics. Prerequisites: Metalsmithing from Home: The Basics, Metalsmithing I, or instructor approval
6:30-8 pmWednesday, May 12, 2021 to Wednesday, June 09, 2021Gabriel MoRegister Online

Student Information

Prerequisites: Metalsmithing from Home: The Basics, Metalsmithing I, or instructor approval


*This class requires a home studio investment purchase for tools and materials of $150+. The tools purchased during Metalsmithing from Home: The Basics class fit the needs of this class. On day one, your instructor will guide you through what it takes to start a home metalsmithing studio discussing studio set-up needs, tools and material needs, and safety. Personal tool investment purchases can be made before or during the first day of class so you can confidently make studio investments with your instructor’s professional in-class guidance.  

Tool & Material Requirements: 

        - Saw frame

        - 2 dozen 2/0 saw blades 

        - Bench pin/anvil combo

        - Ball peen hammer (4-6 oz.)

        - Needle files (set of 6)

        - Round nose pliers 

        - Chain nose pliers

        - Wire cutters

        - Hand drill, drill press, or flex shaft

        - #51 drill bits (14 ga)

        - #56 drill bits (18 ga)

        - Wood block (approx. 3.5”x6”x1.5”)

        - 6”x12” 18ga. and 22 ga. copper or brass sheet

        - 12” 20 ga sterling silver wire, half hard

        - 18 ga (& 14 ga?) copper or brass wire

        - Sandpaper - 240 grit, 320 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit

Resource Shopping List: 

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