Soda II: Handbuilding

Soda II: Handbuilding (10 Weeks)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Price: LAC Members $365.00 / Non-Members $375.00

Lab Fee: $60.00

Class Description

Learn the techniques and tricks to handbuilding functional and sculptural forms for the soda kiln. Research and discuss artists like Sunshine Cobb, Melissa Weis, Gail Nichols and their different building techniques such as slab building, pinch potting, coil building and kurinuki. Explore surface textures, stamp making, creative wadding techniques, creative slipping and different glazing techniques. Each student receives two shelves to store work, clay, and tools. Prerequisite: Two sessions of Soda I or instructor approval
No Class Available.

Student Information

In the event that in-house classes are canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, this class will be held online.