Toner Litho Transfer on Clay

Toner Litho Transfer on Clay (3 Weeks)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Price: LAC Members $120.00 / Non-Members $125.00

Lab Fee: $15.00

Class Description

Print repeatable images on green or leather-hard clay tiles, vessels and sculptural forms. Use paper lithography techniques that can be applied directly to clay at many stages using special oil-based inks. Learn surface design techniques that can be adapted for wheel-thrown or hand-built forms, for low or high fire clay bodies. Each student receives two shelves to store work, clay, and tools. Prerequisite: One year of ceramics classes or instructor approval.

6:30-9:30 pmTuesday, December 01, 2020 to Tuesday, December 15, 2020Judy ZeddiesClass Full

Student Information

Class comes with ½ bag of reclaim clay.