Introduction to Traditional Calligraphy

Introduction to Traditional Calligraphy (5 Weeks)

Level: MultiLevel

Price: LAC Members $185.00 / Non-Members $190.00

Class Description

Learn the fundamentals and history of traditional dip pen calligraphy. Using a variety of tools and materials, explore and practice several styles of alphabets and lettering and discover what works best for you. You will learn a few styles, such as copperplate, blackletter, and italic.
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Supply List:

Paper Ink Arts Catalog item numbers
Pilot Parallel Pen, 6.0 mm Item #para60
Pilot Parallel Pen Refill Cartridges, black or color Item #ppcart-bla, Item #12cart
Speedball Oblique Holder Item #spdobl (Left-handed get this brand, others can upgrade)
Borden & Riley Marker Layout Paper, 50 Sheets 9X12’’ or 11x14 Item #bor900, #br1150
Higgins Eternal Non-Waterproof Ink, black Item #etrnal
Pipettes Item #pipett (for putting ink into a smaller dipping container)
Large Dinky Dips Jars Item #dinkylg1 (or equivalent small containers for ink)
Zig Fudegokochi Brush Tip Pen Item #fudeg (or other brand like Tombow)
NIBS (Get at least 3 nibs, they wear out quickly)
Nikko G Pointed Nibs Item #nikkog
OR Gillott 303 Pointed (at least 3) Item #glt303
OR Hunt 22B Pointed (at least 3) Item #hunt22
Water Container
Paper Towel
Masking Tape
Mechanical Pencil (or Pencil and Sharpener)
Number 5 (1/2") Automatic Pen Item #autop5 (for extra large calligraphy)
Horizon Folded Pen Item #hafl07 (for expressive lettering)
Speedball Straight Holder Item #spdhol (or upgrade)
Moon Palace Sumi Ink Item #moonpa