Beginning Oil Pastels

Beginning Oil Pastels (5 Weeks)

Level: Beginner/Advanced Beginner

Price: LAC Members $180.00 / Non-Members $185.00

Class Description

Oil pastels, with their bright colors and gooey texture, offer artists a visceral way to create vibrant works. You will employ various techniques including optical blending, layering and creating washes to take advantage of some of the unique properties of this medium. Please bring a medium pastel drawing pad and a small set of artist-quality oil pastels to the first class. Prerequisite: First-Time Drawing, Beginning Drawing or equivalent experience
2-5 pmSaturday, February 15, 2020 to Saturday, March 14, 2020Elizabeth WilsonRegister Online

Student Information

Recommended supply list

  • -  A small set of artist quality oil pastels (~12 sticks, some good brands include Caran D’Ache Neopastels, Sennelier, or Holbein. Alternatively, if you’d like to try a few different brands, buying a couple open stock sticks from different companies will give you a sense of different styles of oil pastel.)

  • -  A medium size pastel paper drawing pad (Canson Mi-Teintes makes a 12x16 inch pad with different medium toned colors, or something equivalent)

    Optional Materials ‚Äč(we will discuss these at the first class, you don’t need to purchase before then)

  • -  Palette knife

  • -  Blending stump

  • -  Vine charcoal

  • -  Kneaded eraser

  • -  A few sheets of canvas paper or board

  • -  A small bottle of linseed oil

  • -  A medium sized paint brush (filbert or round)

  • -  A piece of coated pastel paper (e.g. Ampersand Pastelbord, Art Spectrum Colourfix

    Coated paper, Canson Mi-Tientes Touch Sanded)