Making Wearable, Sculptural Jewelry with Titanium

Making Wearable, Sculptural Jewelry with Titanium (3 Days)

Level: Workshop

Price: LAC Members $650.00 / Non-Members $650.00

Lab Fee: $35.00

Class Description

Create wearable pieces of jewelry made from layers of titanium sheet. Learn how to draw visual concepts on paper, then develop them into metal objects using the techniques of piercing, sawing and cold connecting with rivets. Coloring techniques of titanium will be explored.

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Student Information

Kit includes:

2-6”x3” Piece of 22 Gauge Titanium Sheet.

2’ of 18 Gauge Titanium Round Wire.

6” of Silver Tubing (inner diameter of .043”/ outer diameter .057”).

1mm Crimp Beads bag of 50

12 Saw Blades, Size 02 (Rio Grande Laser Gold).

2 of #60 Drill Bits

2 of #58 Drill Bits

2 Cup Burs

Students should bring:

Flush Cutter

Drawing Instruments: Colored Pencils, Drawing Templates, Compass, White Out

The studio has these available for use, but you are welcome to bring your own:

Mini Anvil or Steel bench Block

Rivet Hammer or Tack Hammer

Jewelers Saw Frame (4-6” Throat. Recommended)

Mini Drill Press (Recommended but not Mandatory)

Tube Cutter (Recommended but not Mandatory)



Automatic Center Punch

Needle nose Pliers

Drawing Pencils

Straight Edge

Graph Paper (Recommended but not Mandatory)

In addition, bring any favorite tools, extra materials or findings that you would like

to work with. I also encourage students to bring in a variety of metal sheet in 22ga

or 24ga. Mixing metals adds contrast and interest to the titanium designs. My

favorites are sterling silver and 18k gold Bi-Metal available at Hauser and Miller