Custom Clasps: Key and Box Clasp

Custom Clasps: Key and Box Clasp (3 Days)

Level: Workshop

Price: LAC Members $500.00 / Non-Members $500.00

Class Description

Create clasps that are safe, secure and truly one-of-a-kind. Learn and make both the key and box clasp. We’ll discuss customizing terminals and findings to unify your art jewelry and explore solutions to link your clasp to your piece. You are expected to work with your own design style to explore new ideas in finishing your jewelry.  $25 Material fee payable to the instructor $500 if registered by January 1, 2019 $550 if registered January 2 - May 5, 2019

10 am-5 pmSunday, May 19, 2019 to Tuesday, May 21, 2019Alison AntelmanRegister Online

Student Information


Kit Fee: $25 - payable to instructor:

  • • Step by step handouts with images and text
  • • 1” - 12 gauge round wire
  • • 22 gauge sheet cut in strip for clasp walls, 3mm by 6 inches (2 quantity)
  • • 22 gauge sheet, 1 strip for tongue of box clasp, 5mm by 2 inches
  • • ½” - 1.6mm x .010 light wall tubing to fit 18 gauge
  • • 1” - 16 gauge round wire
  • • 2” - 20 gauge round wire

Instructor will also have available:

  • • Medium wire solder
  • • Hard paste solder
  • • 220 grit sandpaper
  • • Sterling silver balls for Key Clasp

Students are required to bring:

  • • 1 by 4” sheet of 22gauge sterling or larger
  • • Ultra-Fine Sharpie
  • • Calipers
  • • 6” Metal Ruler with inches and mm
  • • Scribe


-A variety of sheet metal in 20, 22 & 24 gauges

-A few stones or other objects to set-irregular shapes are encouraged!

-Bezel wire for setting your stone (if applicable) or other material

-Round wire or tubing if you plan to connect your clasp to the rest of your piece

-16, 18 & 20 gauge round wire

Lillstreet usually has many (but not all) of these materials for sale, if needed.

Lillstreet has many of these tools for use, but you may want to bring your own:


Bench Pin


Files – large, needle, escapement

Asst Pliers

Saw/blades (2/0 or 3/0)

Sheet and/or wire solder

Solder pad or charcoal block


Soldering Pick

Large snips/hand held shears/Joyce Chen shears

Safety glasses

Tube cutting jig

Hole punch/drill starter

Drill Bits (a variety including one to fit 10 or 12 gauge round wire)

Templates (bring any that you have, optional) or anything with ideas for shapes.

Bring jewelry that you are working on and think about the items that need a clasp. Also bring chains or samples that need terminals. Think about shapes that you may want to incorporate into a functional clasp (for example; a hydraulic pressed form or a shape that mimics the design in your piece) and bring those shapes.

Resources for Materials:

-Allcraft: (212) 279-7077 Students of Alison B. Antelman get a discount on orders, ask for Tevel and mention my name.

-Hoover & Strong (metal)- 1800-759-9997,

-Otto Frei (tools)- 1800-772-3456,

-Rio Grande (tools)-1800-545-6566,

-R.J. Leahy (copper/brass) - 800-514-4106 or 415-861-7161

-Industrial supply: sandpaper

-Cyberweld: torches and related equipment

Other resourceful information:

-Harriete Estel Berman Blog on craft business

-Society of North American Goldsmiths click on resources and then professional guidelines