Professional Development -- Arts-Based Professional Development to Fuel Creativity

Our Ignite workshops create an experience that allows everyone to use art as a tool for inquiry––personally, professionally, and within the organization. We believe bringing art and business together fosters collaboration, increases understanding among people, and creates a culture of creativity. All of our programs are perfect for first-time artists.

  • Please browse the workshop categories below. These are a selection of our most popular workshop offerings. We are always excited to work with your company’s vision or goals to create a custom event just for you.
  • We offer various options for structuring your visit to Lillstreet Art Center. The majority of our workshops are three hours in length, but many can be extended for a full-day, or multi-day experience. There is also an option to add a meeting or your own programming into the agenda.

Example Half-Day Agenda:
9am: Group icebreaker and coffee/tea
9:30am – Noon: Team building workshop of choice

Example Full-Day Agenda:
9am: Group icebreaker and coffee/tea
9:30am – 12:30pm: Team building workshop of choice
12:30pm – 1:30pm: Catered artisan boxed lunch
1:30pm – 4:30pm: Time allotted for company meeting/speaker/other activity
4:30pm – 5:00pm: Wrap-up


Sharing ideas and getting-to-know one another is easy and fun with these workshops that blend the performing arts, communication and presentation skills. Open new lines of communication within your team and create connections among the group.

Improve your team’s ability to work together in these workshops designed to get everyone participating together to create art, and produce an innovative and inspiring final project.
Creative Process
Where better to find creative inspiration then from true innovators! Workshops in this category are designed to improve creative stamina and often inspired by the genius of iconic artists.
Perfecting the art of work-life balance can be a challenge; find a middle ground with these relaxing and artful workshops.
New Perspectives
Challenge the status quo and unearth new perspectives with these workshops to designed to literally and figuratively change your team’s point-of-view. Get out of the box, the office or your typical environment with these exciting indoor and outdoor workshops.
Explore team dynamics and get to know one another with unique and insightful workshops designed for self-reflection.
Team Bonding
In these relaxed workshops, participants each create their own handmade item to take home. The focus is on spending quality time with co-workers, relaxing and having some good old-fashioned fun!
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