FAQ’S -- Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How many people can the loft accommodate? 

The loft has multiple seating options. We can host a maximum of 125 for cocktail style parties and theater style seating works for up to 75.

Is the loft ADA compliant or handicap accessible?

Unfortunately the loft is not ADA accessible. There is no elevator and there is one flight of stairs to enter the 2nd floor loft.

How much do Ignite workshops cost? 

Click here for our workshop rates. We offer a 10% nonprofit discount for all programs.

What are the rental rates for Lillstreet Loft?

Click here for our rental rates. We offer a 10% nonprofit discount and offer special rental consideration for not-for-profit arts organizations.

What comes with your space if we rent it? 

The loft comes fully stocked and ready to handle most anything you can throw at it.  We have a 13’ Diagonal Projection Screen with state-of-the-art, 4000 Lumens Business Class Projector, Surround Sound stereo with iPhone/iPad compatibility and wireless Internet.  There are also various blackboards, corkboards and whiteboards available.

We also have lots of great worktables, soft furnishings, 50 padded folding chairs, an additional 40 wooden folding chairs.  The space includes a kitchenette with microwave, dishwasher, coffee service, refrigerator, dishware and bar/counter.  There are also two separate bathrooms. Hot and cold beverages are also provided.

What doesn’t come with the space? 

  • We offer brainstorming packages with giant post-its, markers, easels, paint and various supplies to make your meeting fabulous.
  • We offer graphic facilitation services where a scribe will draw your meeting while it’s happening!
  • We also offer icebreakers or other arts programming to breakup your day.
  • Lastly, we can help you find the right facilitator for your meeting should you need someone. 

How do we get there and where do we park? 

The Lillstreet Loft is just a few buildings north of the intersection of Montrose and Ravenswood on the east side of the street. Easily accessible by CTA Brown Line via the Montrose stop or Metra via the Ravenswood Stop, the Lillstreet Loft also has ample street parking directly outside on Ravenswood Ave. If your group is planning on driving, just let us know and we will provide you with free parking pass for the day (only required between 8-10 AM).

4437 N. Ravenswood Ave Chicago, IL 60640

Will someone be around to help us during our meeting?

Our staff members are well trained in all things meetings and operations. If you need an extra flipchart, copies or coffee refreshed, our staff is ready and available. We also have specially trained A/V and tech support on site to assist with your more technical needs.

Can you help me find someone to lead my meeting?

We have top-notch facilitators on staff at the Lillstreet Loft.  These individuals were handpicked for their creative style. If you’d like more information on facilitators please click here, or contact us with more information so we can recommend an excellent match for your company.

What if I just need a quick activity?

We would be happy to share a quick activity with you to get started or to wrap up your meeting.  We’ve got some really great icebreakers–led by our creative team, it’s a great way to get your group engaged and focused.

Will other groups be using the space while we’re at the Loft?

When you book the Loft, you have the exclusive use of the space.  If you book for multiple days, you can leave your notes, ideas, prototypes, and anything else just where you need it and come back to it the next day.  This is your space to generate ideas!

Do you provide catering?

Real Kitchen, a wonderful local jaunt is our preferred catering partner. After spending years creating ‘art on a plate’ for privileged diners, they decided to go back to their roots and begin cooking the real food that real people eat every day and we love it! Our Event Managers will simplify your planning process by coordinating catering orders and finding the meal that’s perfect for your session.

Do we need to use a caterer from your approved list? 

Feel free to use any caterer you like, we would never box you in!  If you do use an outside caterer, there is an additional $100 cleaning fee.

Is a bar package available for post meeting cocktail receptions?

There are some wonderful bars in the area. Fountainhead on Montrose is our favorite place to get a cocktail after a tough day of brainstorming. We also work with Carol’s Staffing and they can provide a bar tender if you’d like to relax in the loft.

What are some local restaurants that you recommend?

  • The delicious and Michelin rated Spacca Napoli is next door to the loft and has private dining and wine tastings available.
  • Glenn’s Diner is one-block west and is famous for brunch, seafood dinners and it’s bottomless cereal bowl.
  • The vintage Margie’s Candy & Ice Cream is located across the street and is perfect for a treat!
  • First Slice Café located in Lillstreet Art Center is a great spot for lunch or a slice of pie.
  • There are several other fabulous restaurants and bars in walking distance of the loft. We’d be happy to give you recommendations.