We all experience creative blocks in our work. Sometimes we feel stuck, or fear making the wrong decision, or maybe we are on the right track but just don’t know it yet. While we can’t always get out of the office, many artists and innovators agree that a change in scenery, or at least routine, can help jump-start your latent creative potential. Here are five suggestions that well-known creative professionals use to get inspired. Try one, or all five. Here’s to your next brilliant idea!

  1. Change What You’re Looking At: Start keeping a folder of inspirational and funny quotes, pictures, typography, illustrations, photos, etc.  Spend sometime looking through them when you’re feeling stuck for a kick-start of motivation.
  2. Just Get Something Down on Paper: Stop agonizing about your words and ideas, sometimes just getting your thoughts out on paper gets you in the groove again. Doodling helps too, don’t be afraid of drawing.
  3. Talk to Someone: It doesn’t matter if it is a colleague, friend, or even your kid – just explain the problem or challenge your dealing with, and they may come up with a solution that sparks an idea for you.
  4. Do Something that Makes you Feel Good: Whether it’s indulging in bubble bath or shoes, or a self-improvement project like cleaning and re-organizing your workspace – when you feel good about yourself you’ll be ready to take that next big thing on with gusto.
  5. Make Something with your Hands: Try an art class, or pick up a creative hobby whether it is cooking, painting, woodworking or the like. The act of creating will get you out of your head and into the moment. It’s usually in those brief moments of clarity when our best ideas strike!

Written by Claire Hurwitz – Special Events Manager at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago. Lillstreet specializes in art-focused team building and retreats to help businesses grow their creative might.

*Adapted from the book BreakThrough! Overcome Creative Block & Spark Your Imagination.