Arts-Based Training

What is Arts-Based Training?

“Arts-based training can be defined as staff development, delivered through various arts disciplines to develop trust, shift perceptions, combine right-brain imagination with left-brain logic to increase the capacity for breakthrough ideas and insights, teach leadership, communications skills and high-performance teamwork.”

– Americans for the Arts, 2012

How Can Arts-Based Training Help Your Team?

Companies can use arts-based training in a variety of ways:

– Help staff think more creatively, and take a “blue-sky,” anything is possible approach to problem solving.
– Develop leaders through in-depth training in a particular area such as presentation skills.
– Reward staff for a job well-done in a supportive atmosphere that encourages work-life balance.
– Create new dialogue between team members by giving them an arts-based challenge or project to overcome together.
– Strengthen communication, collaboration, teamwork, public speaking skills and much more.
– Breathe life into your next big project or challenge with an innovative brainstorm session.
– Foster an appreciation for the arts, art history, technique, creativity and innovation within your company, and challenge your team to come up with the next big idea!


A Case for Creativity

A 2010 survey conducted by IBM with more than 1500 face-to-face interviews with CEO’s from companies of all sizes in over 60 countries produced this key statement, “More than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision – successfully navigating an increasingly complex world will require creativity.”

Capitalizing on Complexity, 2010