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The Lillstreet Textile Arts is a growing community interested in traditional and contemporary craft media. Our newly renovated sewing studio offers more class space and upgraded equipment, including an industrial sewing machine, overlock and serger machines. Our print on paper and fabric classes feature a remodeled dark room with a state-of-the-art UV vacuum exposure unit, and we now have a computer station with laser printer for prepping images. The new dye station makes immersion dyeing more user friendly, and our bullet steamer produces professional results. 


We have students from a variety of backgrounds, from professional artists who sell at art fairs, online shops, and consignment, to all levels of artists developing skills to build on their portfolio. Make our space your space by taking advantage of free open studio when enrolled in one of our Textile Department classes! Visit the Textiles Department Blog for more information and links to additional resources.


Summer classes begin the weeks of June 20 & July 25.

Lillstreet Textiles Department from Lillstreet Art Center on Vimeo.


Summer 2016 - June 20, 2016 - August 28, 2016


First-Time Sewing (5 Weeks)

LAC Members $175.00 / Non-Members $180.00

Sew Your Own Underwear (3 Weeks)

LAC Members $110.00 / Non-Members $115.00

First-Time Screenprinting on Fabric (5 Weeks)

LAC Members $175.00 / Non-Members $180.00

Zippers & Buttons (5 Weeks)

LAC Members $180.00 / Non-Members $185.00

Topics in Quilting (5 Weeks)

LAC Members $180.00 / Non-Members $185.00


Natural Dye (5 Weeks)

LAC Members $185.00 / Non-Members $190.00


Dyes to the Rescue (3 Hours)

LAC Members $90.00 / Non-Members $95.00

Block Printing Workshop (1 Day)

LAC Members $90.00 / Non-Members $95.00

Model and Print a Custom Signature Stamp (1 Day)

LAC Members $70.00 / Non-Members $75.00

AGES 13+

Teen Textiles: All the Pretty Colors (4 Weeks)

LAC Members $135.00 / Non-Members $140.00

Teen Textiles: Sew the Things (5 Weeks)

LAC Members $135.00 / Non-Members $140.00