Printing Profusion

Work continues as we are deep into the second half of the Spring term.  Focused and intentional, students are on task, creating work that asks them to step into the detail of their design.  From swirly whirls evoking Hermes and Pucci, to Warhol inspired quarter squares, to the straightforward sublimity of the geometry of form, these pieces reflect a mastering of conceptual and printing skills that result in thoughtful. refined pieces.  Mostly, we have fun.


Inspired yet?  I know I am!  You know you have that project you’ve been meaning to coax along, or complete. or you just want to play around with printing in a room with like minded creators.  Why not join us for the 5 week early Summer term of Independent Projects, Wednesdays from 6:30 – 9:30 beginning June 21.

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