Pattern Making at Lill Street

From the Dept. of C-Thru rulers and Scotch Tape: We’re about halfway through “Fashion 101: Drafting From Measurements,” and the student pattern makers are knocking it out of the park! Not only are they not phased by fractions, but many of them are attempting more work than is on the syllabus.

The first several weeks have been devoted to making a custom sloper (aka “block,” aka a base pattern that serves as the starting point for other patterns).  We started by measuring each other, which requires both trust and a sense of humor!  That was harder than it sounds, and we definitely did a lot of double checking and remeasuring.  Then came a first-draft sloper, which everybody sewed up in muslin and test-fit.  Once the problem areas were identified, students made corrections and transferred their slopers to hard manila paper (see photos).

Currently the class is learning to manipulate their slopers to create an original design for themselves. Among the projects are a knit workout top, a button-up, and a sculptural flared tank top. Looking forward to seeing the results!  —Holly Greenhagen

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