Inspiring Independents

We’re moving into the second half of winter term here in the Textile department at Lillstreet, which means that round two of class sessions begin today.  Are you feeling antsy after a grey filled January, ready to get out of the house and stretch your creative wings?   The Independent Projects course is just the place for you to get that work started you’ve been noodling  and doodling around with for the past few months, or to finish the piece that’s found a semi-permanent spot sitting on the chair looking beseechingly at you to bring it all together and make it complete.

I’ll tempt you with a smattering of inspiring work from students who come to play.

If you’ve got the basics down and have experience here in the textile print studio working with either inks or dyes, come join us beginning Thursday 2/16 from 10-1 for the 5 week session!

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