Fabric is Paint with Visiting Artist Pam Collins

So, maybe you’re wondering exactly what is this class that is going to happen on Sunday, December 3?  Yes, the class entitled “Fabric is Paint”.

I am Pam Collins, the artist who will traveling from Central Minnesota to teach the class. In this very fun class you will cut or tear fabric and use zippers and other notions to create a landscape, sunset, waterscape or a floral painting.  You will work on a stretched canvas measuring approximately 11″ x 16″.  The only tools you will likely use are scissors and glue, a few straight pins and maybe tweezers. 

We will talk about designing your art piece, and I’ll demonstrate how the process works.  The tricky part of this medium is to look at old corduroy and upholstery fabric and think of it as rocks, mountains and even trees.  It’s fun to explore how fabric can take on a new purpose and be recycled in an imaginative way.  You’ll discover how placing fabric in a certain location on your canvas, can help to give depth and perspective to your painting.  You will glue each piece of fabric or notion onto the canvas and build on to what has already been glued down. 

The pictures you see are examples of past students work.

I also hope you’ll take a moment to look at my one page website to see some of my work in fabric.  I have been teaching for a number of years, although not always textiles.  I also work in mosaics and watercolor. I find it extremely satisfying to help students discover a new way to look at things and learn this unique medium.  I hope you will be excited to join me on Sunday, December 3rd to learn this simple yet challenging medium.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me  at pam@PamCollinsArt.com.

I look forward to meeting you! 

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