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You know how to knit, Do you know how to weave?

All of our clothing is made up of tiny little fibers all attached to one another to create a structure and hold a shape. Garments unfortunately aren’t indestructible. Have you ever snagged a shirt and about two yards of thread were held between you and the edge of a counter? Have you ever tried to button… Read more »

Weaving at Lillstreet!

This winter we are going to be introducing weaving to Lillstreet. It is enjoyable, simple to learn and you can do it almost anywhere. The most exciting thing about weaving on a frame loom are the endless possibilities. There can be lack of order, chaos in your methods, but in the end a cloth –… Read more »

Ikat Dyeing

Hello~ I thought I’d spend my post today talking about the process of ikat dying. Ikat is an intricate dying and weaving process in which a wound warp (the vertical threading in a woven textile) is bound and dyed to a particular color pattern and then woven on a loom. Ikat is a resist dyeing… Read more »