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Inspiring Independents

We’re moving into the second half of winter term here in the Textile department at Lillstreet, which means that round two of class sessions begin today.  Are you feeling antsy after a grey filled January, ready to get out of the house and stretch your creative wings?   The Independent Projects course is just the… Read more »


Students are getting creative and inventive in this terms MX Dyes: Alternate Applications.  The inspiration springs not only from the variety of techniques taught, it also comes from the the various talents and points of view of everyone participating in the class.  Take a look a the creations below and you’ll know what I mean…. Read more »


Just what you’ve all been waiting for, another edition of  MX Dyes: Alternate Applications! Yep, it’s coming to the illustrious Textile department here at Lillstreet once again.  Take a look at a sampling of what the students created during the previous session:   Amazing, right?  I know you can’t wait to come play and create… Read more »

Embroidery Samplers with Camille Canales

In Camille’s Embroidery Samplers class, students learn numerous stitches such as chain stitch, bullion stitch and couching techniques. Students are given a screen-printed piece of fabric that outlines where to place their stitches. This class is full of demos and socializing, as embroidery is a very communal activity. Interested in taking a class in the… Read more »

DIY Upholstery with Paige Fetchen

Paige Fetchen, Lillstreet’s Resident Artist, teaches this wonderful class in which students learn how to create their own piece of unique furniture! On this particular day, students were asked to make their own barstool chair. They started by cutting out the size of the cushion they wanted and then picked fabric and began sewing! By… Read more »