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“Show-Off Shelf”

If you are searching the carts for your glaze work and you just cannot find it—take a second and look up at the set of shelves located above the black couches.  This space, informally known as the “show-off shelves,” is for recently unloaded work that has struck the eye of the monitor unloading glaze work…. Read more »

Art Doll as Muse

Making art dolls is not quite the same as playing with dolls. Art dolls, by definition, are objects of art, not children’s toys.  Art dolls can utilize a wide range of styles and media, and may include found objects, manufactured parts or wholly original works. The art doll can inspire and direct an artist’s vision—just… Read more »

Beginning/Advanced Beginning Handbuilding

This is a fun class in which students learn many techniques in working with clay and make their own personal object. Take a look at all of the Ceramics & Sculpture classes that Lillstreet has here!  

Beginning Wheelthrowing

Beginning Wheelthrowing is an exciting class that teaches students the ins and outs of the potter’s wheel. This class was particularly fun to photograph because I was able to see pieces that were just getting started on the wheel as well as developed vessels with detail work. Take a look at many Ceramics and Sculpture… Read more »