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Spring Session I Class and Open Studio Schedule

Hello all! Spring session is off and running! You still have time to sign up for some of the end-of-week and weekend classes, so don’t miss out. Here’s the session I class and open studio schedule. Open studio will start on Monday, April 3rd. See you all in the studio! -Nora

Inspiring Independents

We’re moving into the second half of winter term here in the Textile department at Lillstreet, which means that round two of class sessions begin today.  Are you feeling antsy after a grey filled January, ready to get out of the house and stretch your creative wings?   The Independent Projects course is just the… Read more »

Early Winter Class and Open Studio Schedule

Early Winter Open Studio is now is session! Huzzah! Because the Textiles Department has such a complicated class schedule, we’ve made weekly calendars for each of the session’s four weeks. Please make sure to double check these calendars before coming in to take advantage of open studio. See you in the studio! -Nora (click to enlarge!)… Read more »

Falling for Fabric

Don’t know about you, I’m gobsmacked by Fall – the cool breezes rustling through the trees creating a chorus of the season, the scent of the crisp air, the play of light at sunset.  Moreover, it’s a feast for the eyes at every turn as each day the combinations of color sprouting from the changing… Read more »

Fall 2016 Open Studio Schedule – UPDATED

Happy fall session, everyone! Here is our Open Studio schedule. Open Studio access starts on Monday, September 19 and is available to all currently enrolled students. Please remember that this is non-instructional time; students will be expected to work on their projects independently. That being said, Open Studio is a fun and social way to… Read more »

Surface Design Class

There are infinite ways of going from plain white cloth… … to beautiful and unique fabric! In past department resident Tabor Shiles’ 10 week long Surface Design class, you’ll get to explore a bunch of techniques including immersion dye (how to make your fabric all one color) and screen printing (how to put a hand-drawn or… Read more »

Spring Pattern Play

Hello and Happy Spring!  It’s exciting to see the fresh and vibrant green of tender new blades of grass beginning to blanket the yards on the sunny side of the street.  Crocus open themselves in purples, yellows and whites, while shoots of daffodils, tulips and hyanciths boldy hint at their beauty to come. Come add… Read more »

Spring Classes with Nora

I’m super excited about the classes I’ll be teaching in the Spring session: only a week and a half away! Here’s what I’ve got lined up: Fabric Design and Print Exchange This is one of my all-time favorite classes to teach and we only run it once a year. We’ll start with some basic drawing… Read more »

Multilevel Madness

We are having a blast in this pre-winter short term Multilevel class in the textiles department.  Riffing off previously learned screen printing skills, students are taking advantage of the time to create holiday gifts, as well as work on personal projects and hone repeat pattern making techniques.  Working with inks, MX dyes or both, the… Read more »

Printing Patterns

Hello everyone!  I know you’ve been eager to check out some of the work the Patterns and Palettes students created during our 5 week session which  wrapped up last week.  After introducing them to a variety of techniques of making all over patterns, they were off experimenting with designs and various color combinations.  Take a… Read more »