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Spring Session II Open Studio Schedule

5/12/17: Insert gif of me eating my hat. Sorry, Thursday night First Time Sewing- I didn’t mean to forget you! 5/10/17: OKAY, LAST CHANGE, I SWEAR. No open studio in the sewing room on Friday night’s ’cause we’re makin’ bras, baby. And Frame Loom Weaving is now from 2-5pm on Sunday afternoons in the Print… Read more »

Printed Patchwork

As a longtime Lillstreet Textiles student/monitor/teacher, I always get the most excited when I’m combining printing/dyeing with sewing.  It feels great to use both sides of the department!  Thus, I’ve been experimenting with silkscreening dye onto patchwork.  This actually started a few years back, when I was still relatively new to silkscreening on fabric.  In… Read more »

Improvisational Quilting

*** Improvisational quilting? What is that? It’s more expressive way of piecing. It is an intuitive and playful process, more like painting or making collage than traditional, block-based, precise methods of making patchwork. The improvisational method involves cutting with scissors and/or rotary cutter, but not always with a ruler. Sometimes improvisational patchwork has a wonky… Read more »

Exploring Natural Dyes

Hello, I am Tricia Royal, the Textiles Artist in Residence for 2016-2017. If you see me around the department or building, please say hello! I am primarily a quilt maker.  I am using my year long residency as an opportunity to dive deep into the surface design side of textiles with screen printing and dye,… Read more »

Quilting an End to Police Violence

Quilts have always served as a form of memory. They are used to mark births, deaths, marriages, and anniversary. They are passed down through generations, charting a path from mother to daughter. They preserve our histories, in the form of t-shirt pieces, scraps of baby blankets, worn out work shirts, a square from a favorite… Read more »

Quiltcon 2015

As Chicago sank further into the deep freeze  last week, I was lucky enough to escape to warm and (mostly) sunny Austin, Texas to teach a couple of workshops at QuiltCon 2015. QuiltCon, as it’s name makes clear, is a giant quilt convention hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild, and for those of us who… Read more »

Internet Quilts

It’s that time of the year again where I want to work on quilts — it’s cold, I’m not frantic with a craft fair or fashion show deadline yet, and I’m TAing Nora’s “Quilting: From Start to Finish” class so I am more than usually susceptible to new project fever. It also doesn’t help that… Read more »