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Fabric is Paint with Visiting Artist Pam Collins

So, maybe you’re wondering exactly what is this class that is going to happen on Sunday, December 3?  Yes, the class entitled “Fabric is Paint”. I am Pam Collins, the artist who will traveling from Central Minnesota to teach the class. In this very fun class you will cut or tear fabric and use zippers… Read more »

Welcome Rachel Davis, New Textiles Department Artist in Residence!

Rachel Davis, Artist-in-Residence Nearly two months have passed since I began my artist-in-residence in the Textiles department. In that time, I’ve been making leaf inspired forms with cloth: quilting, cutting, and using embroidery to embellish these new pieces. I focus on color and pattern when combining textiles, dyeing fabrics when necessary. I enjoy this new,… Read more »

Fabric Painting Experiments

One of the great perks of my residency here at Lillstreet has been the space and time to get messy and play with various surface design techniques, like dyeing, screen printing, and relief printing.  I am very attracted to the idea of transforming found fabric and making it my own via the aforementioned methods. To… Read more »

The Figure in Context with Brenda Moore

The Figure in Context is an extremely exciting class. There is an amazingly delicate balance of freedom and structure present. Each week, a new artist is introduced from which the students can draw inspiration.     The students work with a variety of materials, including charcoal and paint. For this class session, the students worked… Read more »

Painting from Life: Alla Prima

The first thing I noticed about my  visit to Painting the Figure Alla Prima with Ken Minami was the variety of sizes of painting surfaces. Some of the students were painting on large canvases with paint brushes, others had smaller canvases. Some were painting with palette knives.     Alla Prima means to paint wet-on-wet. Color mixing… Read more »

Watercolor Painting with Patrick Miceli

Upon entering Introduction to Watercolor, I was greeted by a calm and tranquil environment, perfect for painting. There was soft music playing and a clean and minimal still life in the center of the room. Patrick Miceli, the instructor, was working on the still life along with the class amidst offering guidance and instruction. When… Read more »

Lillstreet Holiday Party 2013

The week before thanksgiving, Lillstreet celebrated their 38th year of honoring and supporting local artists with their annual two-day Holiday Party. The center unfolded into three floors of art for the people, with 746 in attendance on Friday alone. The holiday party marked the opening of the Let There be Light exhibit in the first floor… Read more »

Putting Paint to Paper

First Time Drawing into Painting taught by Gwen Zabicki My very day as an intern, I found myself in the Painting and Drawing class, First Time Drawing into Painting. I was nervous and excited to photograph my very first class. When I entered the classroom, I was excited by all the props, details, and objects… Read more »

Gwendolyn Zabicki and the Politics of Painting I sat down with Gwen in the Lillstreet cafe and asked how she was doing: “I am doing well. I’m doing very well. On the way over here, I was on the train writing a letter to John Kiriakou. He used to work for the CIA. He’s in jail. He is a torture whistleblower…. Read more »

First-time Painter

Our First-Time Painters were learning from Patrick Miceli the skills needed to understand tone and shade, painting a greyscale still-life.  For more First-Time Classes, click through.