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Spring Session II Open Studio Schedule

5/12/17: Insert gif of me eating my hat. Sorry, Thursday night First Time Sewing- I didn’t mean to forget you! 5/10/17: OKAY, LAST CHANGE, I SWEAR. No open studio in the sewing room on Friday night’s ’cause we’re makin’ bras, baby. And Frame Loom Weaving is now from 2-5pm on Sunday afternoons in the Print… Read more »

Spring Session I Class and Open Studio Schedule

Hello all! Spring session is off and running! You still have time to sign up for some of the end-of-week and weekend classes, so don’t miss out. Here’s the session I class and open studio schedule. Open studio will start on Monday, April 3rd. See you all in the studio! -Nora

Winter Session II: Class and Open Studio Schedule

Lillstreet’s Winter Session II starts tomorrow! **Please note that this schedule is still subject to change. We will do our best to make sure that correct information is posted at all time and apologize in advance for any lapses. See you all in the studio! *** Follow us on instagram! @textilesatlillstreet  

Open Studio in Sewing Room Only – Saturday, December 17

Due to a workshop in the print room this Saturday, December 17, Open Studio will only be held in the sewing room. If you’re a currently enrolled student, you’ll have access to open studio Through Thursday, December 22, so you’ll still have plenty of time to finish your end-of-year projects!

Early Winter Class and Open Studio Schedule

Early Winter Open Studio is now is session! Huzzah! Because the Textiles Department has such a complicated class schedule, we’ve made weekly calendars for each of the session’s four weeks. Please make sure to double check these calendars before coming in to take advantage of open studio. See you in the studio! -Nora (click to enlarge!)… Read more »

Fall 2016 Open Studio Schedule – UPDATED

Happy fall session, everyone! Here is our Open Studio schedule. Open Studio access starts on Monday, September 19 and is available to all currently enrolled students. Please remember that this is non-instructional time; students will be expected to work on their projects independently. That being said, Open Studio is a fun and social way to… Read more »

“Show-Off Shelf”

If you are searching the carts for your glaze work and you just cannot find it—take a second and look up at the set of shelves located above the black couches.  This space, informally known as the “show-off shelves,” is for recently unloaded work that has struck the eye of the monitor unloading glaze work…. Read more »

Spring Clean and Welcome Back!

Spring classes start today and run from April 6 through June 14.  Welcome and welcome back to all students. Please note our freshly cleaned classrooms in the clay department.  Special thanks to our monitors who work tirelessly to keep the ceramics department running! What will you make next in your regular (or new) class? Ware… Read more »