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Fabric is Paint with Visiting Artist Pam Collins

So, maybe you’re wondering exactly what is this class that is going to happen on Sunday, December 3?  Yes, the class entitled “Fabric is Paint”. I am Pam Collins, the artist who will traveling from Central Minnesota to teach the class. In this very fun class you will cut or tear fabric and use zippers… Read more »

Printed Patchwork

As a longtime Lillstreet Textiles student/monitor/teacher, I always get the most excited when I’m combining printing/dyeing with sewing.  It feels great to use both sides of the department!  Thus, I’ve been experimenting with silkscreening dye onto patchwork.  This actually started a few years back, when I was still relatively new to silkscreening on fabric.  In… Read more »

Winter Session II: Class and Open Studio Schedule

Lillstreet’s Winter Session II starts tomorrow! **Please note that this schedule is still subject to change. We will do our best to make sure that correct information is posted at all time and apologize in advance for any lapses. See you all in the studio! *** Follow us on instagram! @textilesatlillstreet  

Falling for Fabric

Don’t know about you, I’m gobsmacked by Fall – the cool breezes rustling through the trees creating a chorus of the season, the scent of the crisp air, the play of light at sunset.  Moreover, it’s a feast for the eyes at every turn as each day the combinations of color sprouting from the changing… Read more »

Dyes to the Rescue!

Hello and welcome to summer!  The solstice is a week away, and coincidentally so is summer term here at Lillstreet.  What better way to celebrate the start of light, warmth and warm creative energy than with the Dyes to the Rescue workshop.  In the spirit of renewal, bring in those pieces of wardrobe that need… Read more »

MX Dye Magic

Greetings!  As promised, following is a sampling of the incredible work created by the students in the MX Dyes: Alternate Applications course wrapped up just last week.  Each of the sessions was designed to introduce the students to a bounty of techniques, used separately or in concert with each other.  As you can see below,… Read more »

Block Print-o-rama

Greetings!   Come join in on an afternoon of fun and playing with blocks,  not quite the same kind as when you were building stuff as a kid.  This kind of block is carved and used to print amazing motifs and patterns on fabric like these beauties. .  No experience is necessary, just come ready… Read more »