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Hey Everyone!! So, as some of you might have seen, I’m currently curating a show for the Lillstreet Gallery that’s all about embroidery and… Instagram. That’s right! Embroidery and Instagram might not seem like they have that much in common but I’ve actually found that their overlaps are very interesting. In order to explain my… Read more »

Air Travel by Rachel Davis – October Rooftop Flag Space

Air Travel, currently on display on Lillstreet’s rooftop flag space, is an installation of flags that celebrate wind-dispersed seeds, insects and pollen. These flags were created at Lillstreet by Rachel Davis, an artist and monitor in the textile department. The flags include drawings of Monarch butterflies; lightning bugs; dragonflies; maple, milkweed, and dandelion seeds; and various pollens,… Read more »

Lillstreet’s Rooftop Project Space: 2016 Artists

Lillstreet’s Rooftop Gallery is a unique space that invites artists from around the country to install work onto four, 9-foot flag poles on top of Lillstreet’s rooftop deck. Installations rotate monthly, June through January, and flags are displayed in the Textile Department’s hallway gallery two weeks prior to install date. The space is curated and managed by… Read more »

Rooftop Project Space: Congrats 2015 Winners and Apply for 2016

We’re happy to announce the winners of the 2015 Rooftop Project Space Competition: Heather Brammeier and Simon Pyle! Best In Show ($500) Adorn, by Heather Brammeier “Catenaries formed by elegant tangles of PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) adorn the Lillstreet Art Center building like a giant necklace.  To create the tangled blue and red forms in my… Read more »

Art Adventures with Catherine Schwalbe

On  Lillstreet Studios Cathi loves her studio at Lillstreet for several reasons, but mostly because of the freedom to make work and the flexible open studio hours. She describes it playfully as being “drunk with opportunity.” She has made work with a number of materials. You name it, she’s made a sculpture with it. She… Read more »

NCECA 2014

The annual National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference was held on March 19-22 in Milwaukee and Lillstreet Gallery was proud to have a booth in the Gallery Expo, where we represented work from an ambitious 55 ceramic artists. In the spirit of education, the booth’s theme was Midwest Educators and Students…. Read more »