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Printing Profusion

Work continues as we are deep into the second half of the Spring term.  Focused and intentional, students are on task, creating work that asks them to step into the detail of their design.  From swirly whirls evoking Hermes and Pucci, to Warhol inspired quarter squares, to the straightforward sublimity of the geometry of form, these pieces reflect a mastering of… Read more »

Inspiring Independents

We’re moving into the second half of winter term here in the Textile department at Lillstreet, which means that round two of class sessions begin today.  Are you feeling antsy after a grey filled January, ready to get out of the house and stretch your creative wings?   The Independent Projects course is just the… Read more »

The Heat is On!

We can feel it wafting up from the streets and it certainly is emanating from the textile print studio here at Lillstreet, yowza!  Students are creating smoking hot designs as they fan the sparks of their bounty of ideas.  With just a few sessions left in this Summer half term, I’m eager to see what happens… Read more »

Spring Pattern Play

Hello and Happy Spring!  It’s exciting to see the fresh and vibrant green of tender new blades of grass beginning to blanket the yards on the sunny side of the street.  Crocus open themselves in purples, yellows and whites, while shoots of daffodils, tulips and hyanciths boldy hint at their beauty to come. Come add… Read more »

Printing Prowess

Welcome to 2016!  What better way is there to begin a New Year than with the power of creativity and beauty.  I don’t know about you all, but I believe there is always beauty around us.  When we look up to notice, even perhaps it’s a mere glance, is when we are inspired, soothed, uplifted,… Read more »

Block Print-o-rama

Greetings!   Come join in on an afternoon of fun and playing with blocks,  not quite the same kind as when you were building stuff as a kid.  This kind of block is carved and used to print amazing motifs and patterns on fabric like these beauties. .  No experience is necessary, just come ready… Read more »