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Hey Everyone!! So, as some of you might have seen, I’m currently curating a show for the Lillstreet Gallery that’s all about embroidery and… Instagram. That’s right! Embroidery and Instagram might not seem like they have that much in common but I’ve actually found that their overlaps are very interesting. In order to explain my… Read more »

Spring Session II Open Studio Schedule

5/12/17: Insert gif of me eating my hat. Sorry, Thursday night First Time Sewing- I didn’t mean to forget you! 5/10/17: OKAY, LAST CHANGE, I SWEAR. No open studio in the sewing room on Friday night’s ’cause we’re makin’ bras, baby. And Frame Loom Weaving is now from 2-5pm on Sunday afternoons in the Print… Read more »

Craftivism Opportunity

Now that the fall has settled in, hopefully you’ve found some time to get creative. If you haven’t and you’re looking for a unique project that has positive-impact-potential, look no further! A local fiber artist has initiated a craftivism opportunity that highlights the gun violence that is devastating the citizens of Chicago in a very real… Read more »

Textiles Department at One of a Kind!

The Lillstreet Textiles Department will be hosting a bunch of workshops and demos at the One of a Kind Show + Sale next weekend! Stop on by to try your hand at a new skill and learn all about our classes!   Friday, April 29th 1:30-3:30pm – Screen Print a Tote Bag w/ Nora Renick… Read more »

Gallery Hopping NYC

  I did some gallery hopping on a recent trip to NYC and discovered these unusual textiles by Francesco Clemente, a favorite artist of mine. The exhibition consists of 2 canvas tents: Angel Tent and Devil Tent set up in the main gallery space at Mary Boone in Chelsea. These are taken with my cell phone… Read more »

Embroidery Samplers with Camille Canales

In Camille’s Embroidery Samplers class, students learn numerous stitches such as chain stitch, bullion stitch and couching techniques. Students are given a screen-printed piece of fabric that outlines where to place their stitches. This class is full of demos and socializing, as embroidery is a very communal activity. Interested in taking a class in the… Read more »