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Pattern Making at Lill Street

From the Dept. of C-Thru rulers and Scotch Tape: We’re about halfway through “Fashion 101: Drafting From Measurements,” and the student pattern makers are knocking it out of the park! Not only are they not phased by fractions, but many of them are attempting more work than is on the syllabus. The first several weeks have… Read more »

Shooting with Spates

More and more, restaurants are calling on ceramic artists to help them give their guests an even more unique dining experience. Mott Street uses ceramic mugs made by local artists. We took a trip to this Chicago hot spot to see a few of our favorite Zac Spates whiskey cups in action.

Advanced Handbuilding with David Trost

David Velasco has been interning at Lillstreet for a few weeks now and has really been doing a great job.  Last Wednesday, David stopped into Dave Trost’s advanced handbuilding class and made a few great images.  Check these out and stay tuned to see what the Advanced Handbuilding students end up with!